Hypertension Treatment Study

Are you concerned that you have not given attention to your high blood pressure? It is not uncommon that treatment of high blood pressure is overlooked due to the relative lack of physical ailments resulting from the condition. However, left untreated hypertension can have serious consequences affecting organ and cardiovascular function.

If you want to take control of your high blood pressure you may be a good candidate for the hypertension treatment study. The Northwest Clinical Research Center located in Bellevue, WA has the opportunity to conduct a clinical trial evaluating if a new medication is effective for treating patients with hypertension. The study also includes the well- known medication Lisinopril®.

Study participants are needed to evaluate if the new study medication is effective at controlling essential hypertension by reducing blood pressure to acceptable levels.

All study participants receive the following at No Cost):
Clinical Evaluations
Investigative Medication
Medical Care Including Consistent Blood Pressure Evaluations
Compensation for time and travel

Most patients do not show symptoms of hypertension. They gradually deteriorate and are often overlooked until they start affecting other body systems. If you or a loved one are worried about having high blood pressure, or have been diagnosed, contact us at 425-453-0404 to see if this new medication may help you.